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Latin American Music for the Piano

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Pianist & Teacher

Associate Professor of Piano and Piano Pedagogy
Coordinator of Class Piano
College of Music. UCB 301
University of Colorado at Boulder
Boulder CO 80309

Phone: (303) 492-6510
E-mail: Alejandro.Cremaschi@colorado.edu

"Pristine piano technique... Passionate"
- Washington Post


MTNA 2015 Cooperative Learning PDFs

Note: This PDF is from an article published in the journal Piano Pedagogy Forum in 2000. The PPF site features an incomplete version. Until they fix the article there you can get a PDF version here.

OMTA 2014 handouts:

Gonzalez CD

Las Puertas del Tiempo
For sale at Amazon.com

“Cremaschi’s pianism is polished and his complete identification with [Gonzalez’s] muse is evident […] The performance is exemplary”

-Fanfare Magazine, March 2010

Gonzalez CD2

Fervor: The Music of Luis Jorge Gonzalez
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